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Spiral Pipe/Duct Manufacturing

D-Max 1.2 E

The D-Max 1.2E is a revolutionary automatic Spiral Tubeformer.  The versatile D-Max 1.2E Tubeformer can produce spiral pipe up to 18 gauge (1.25mm) thickness and has a maximum strip speed of 71m a minute. 

d Max

 Click on the pages below for a full brochure and specifications.

 D max Brochure 1.2E   D Max Specifications 1.2E

D-Max 1.25 & 2.0

D-Max series Spiral Tubeformers are hydraulically powered resulting in a superior combination of speed, strength and reliability.  The D-Max series tubeformers also use a flying slitting device.  This device allows for a quiet, gasless and clean cut of the spiral pipe.

D-Max Picture 1.25 & 2

Click on the pages below for full brochure and specifications

D Max Brochure 1.25 & 2.0      D Max Specifications 1.25 & 2

Gore-Max 1.25

ISM Gore-Max 1.25 is your quality, efficient and cost effection solution to the productions of elbows, reducers, end caps and offsets. 

gore max picture 3

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Gore max Brochure 1.25   Gore Max Specifications 1.25

Max-Stitch 1.0 - Stitchwelder

Max Stitch Photo

Click on the page below for the Max-Stitch specifications 

 Stitchwelder Brochure

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