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Rib Rolling/Beading Machines

Rib Rolling/Beading Machines

Q: Why should I buy this Machine?

A: If you don’t have a beader, you are probably cross braking, a labour intensive way of strengthening duct work and unless you are extremely careful, the finished product can be out of square and look ordinary.  With the beader below, the ribs are all uniform and the duct perfect everytime.

The beaders are cost efficient and relatively inexpensive to purchase.  Once you have one you will wonder what you did before. 

With this 6016

Beader, only one operator is needed to produce SMACNA-approved beads 4-5 times faster than cross braking. It forms five beads, on 12″ centers, adjustable to 3mm depth. Maximum capacity is 16 gauge material and one operator can easily handle sheets

up to 60″ wide.

Machine dimensions: 1800mm x 1250mm x 1200mm Weight: 850kgs

Electrical: 2hp, 415v 50hz, Speed approx 16m per minute. 

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