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Vulcan 1000B Plasma Cutting System
Vulcan 1000B Plasma Cutting System

Please watch the video to see the Vulcan in action

Machine Features:

  • Industrial grade colour touch screen
  • Manual speed increase/decrease override
  • Kerf compensation from .001 to .999
  • Graphic machine status display
  • Scale up/down
  • Part rotation
  • Shape repeat
  • Auto home sense to set 0/0 automatically
  • Second home set for piece work
  • Acceleration control
  • Automatic corner slowdown
  • 40X CD-ROM
  • Encoder feedback for positioning
  • 80 volt DC power supply 20 AMP
  • Remote safety stop switches and current limiting drives for safety
  • User friendly operator controls and easy to use software
  • Excellent cut quality and precision on a wide variety of materials
  • Patented Hypertherm shielded nozzle for longer nozzle life and heavier piercing capabilit
  • Vertical dual cylinder pneumatic torch lifter with adjustable up/down pressure
  • Sealed DC servo brushless motor and motor encoders for steady movement of the torch over entire cutting area.
  • Exclusive Gullwing scrubbing action airfoil table eliminates dust particles on the underside of the sheet metal for clean,doss free cuts.
  • Predesigned shapes, plus more than 900 icon choices, provided as standard.
  • Preview fittings in 3D and store frequently used fittings in a user defined library.
  • Fixture welded 3” x 3” steel tubing framework for unrivalled strength and stability.
  • Linear x-axis bearing and way
  • 3” diameter x 128” long, turned, ground and polished y-axis guidance rail.
  • 8” x 8” steel table leg pads with levelling feature
  • Dual jacking screw adjustable sheet supports
  • Premium components and unrivalled build quality for unmatched reliability and longevity.
  • Options built in bar code scanner enables fast scanning and inputting of job data at the machine.   The Vulcan 1000B features the very latest software for maximum efficiency and reliability.  Each system includes Lockformer’s enhanced fitting cutting software and new supernet optimization programme as standard.  Live on-line customer support via the internet is also included. 

Standard Capabilities Include:

  1. Preview Software – Show an input fitting as a 3 view picture.  Each view can be rotated at any angle to show a full 3D view of the fitting.
  2. Hole Cutting Programme:  Permits graphic definition of up to eight holes on most rectangular fittings.  The holes can be rectangular, round or flat oval, and can be defined at any angle to the horizontal.  (Requires preview programme).
  3. Calculation and Cutting of Turning Vanes:  Also includes holes for rivets to hold the turning vanes on elbows and T-pieces.
  4. Vulcan Parts Graphic sofware:  Create and store shapes with a mouse driven, pop down menu.  This programme can hold 10,000 individual shapes, as well as 10,000 sheet jobs at any one time.  The software includes a Direct Exchange Format (DXE) transfer programme for use with CAD systems.
  5. Background processing:  Allows processing an order or job in the background while the operator continues to input data for a new order.
  6. Accessory Takeoff:  Automates the check listing of non-fitting purchased accessory items for each job.
  7. Manual Optimization:  Enables operator to either drag or rotate parts on the processed sheet or move them to different sheets.
  8. Standard Super Segmenting Programme:  Splits oversize blanks up to 100 times in each axis.
  9. Standard Manual Segmenting Programme:  Permits manually controlled segmenting of oversize blanks.
  10. You Supply: Suitable power – 55amp, 3 phase 50HZ 415 volt supply.

Exhaust ducting to connect to end of machine.  Airdryer to deliver 99.9% dry air. 

Because this system is air plasma a 99.9% dry air supply is an absolute requirement, we can supply SMC dryer at an additional cost, plus filter and guages. 

Commissioning & Training: 

By us at your works for 4 days and is included in the above price. but note crane hire for removal from truck and placement in your factory and electrical connection to your account.   

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