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Kleen importers and sellers of Mestek Machinery, famous brand Lockformer Iowa Precision, Engel, ISM Spiral, also distributors of Gripnail machines.Kleen are selling New Tophot Machinery: Guillotines, Presses and HVAC Machinery  
Power Swager & Wiring MachinePower Swager & Wiring MachineTophot18g capacity, power operated$2,750 + GSTNew
Pittsburgh TriplexPittsburgh Triplex (3 rollforming stations plus power flanger)Tophot18g, power flanger on top, right angle flange rolls and drive cleat$5,800 + GSTNew
TDFTDFTophotComplete with Clip Rolls fitted 16 station Rollformer$18,000 + GSTNew
RollsRollsTophot1500mm x 75mm power driven rolls$3,650 + GSTNew

Used Machinery
Cornermatic PlusCornermatic PlusLockformerAs NewPOAExcellent


Tophot35mm TDF rolls fitted and clip cleat, new machine POA




Lockformer1550 x 1.6mm Beading Machine$7,500 + GSTExcellent Condition



3m x 6mm fixed rake overdriven with hyd back gauge and sheet supports, auto blade gap adj.$28,000 + GST

Excellent Refurbished

Mini Crop Punch & ShearGekaComplete with stacks round and square tolling as illustrated$5,000 + GSTExcellent Condition
Pittsburgh 20g complete with small pittsburgh rolls and drive cleat$1,250 + GSTGood Order

TDC Turn in ie. TDFLockformer16 station 18g capacity TDF machine$18,000 + GSTAs new
Circle CutterJohn Heine18g capacity$650Good, needs to be mounted on bench.
Circle CutterJohn Heine18g Capacity$1,250 + GSTGood, already mounted.
SnaplockSnaplockLockformer20g Snaplock with male Aux. Rolls$7,500 + GSTGreat condition
New Press Brake Tooling 1 x 3050mm x 25mm wide Heavy Duty GP Punch with 60 degree nose angle manufactured out of spring steel – $1750 + GST3 x 3750mm x 25mm wide Heavy Duty GP Punch 60 degree nose angle manufactured out of spring steel. -$1950 + GST3 x 3750mm x 25mm wide Heavy Duty GP Punch 60 degree nose angle manufactured out of spring steel. – $1650 + GST1 x 3750mm x 25mm wide machine down to 27.5 degree nose angle Knife Punch manufactured out of spring steel. – $1750 + GSTAll New
Treadle GuillotineTreadle GuillotineKleen900m x 1.6mm mild steel, fully recon.$1650 + GSTFull Reconditioned

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Contact us with the serial number and a photo if possibleWe can identify the machine and it’s capabilities as we have specs dating from the 60’sSaves any disappointment of buying what you think will do the job only to find it doesn’t.This service is free of charge.Many customers of late have been mistaken with the capacities of the machines they have purchased.

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