Coil Line – Pro-Ductomatic

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Formtek Mansaver for Overhead Cranes for Jibbed Forklifts


  • Coil Gauge 16 gauge to 1.5 – 0.4mm, Optional – 1.89mm
  • Coil Width 1550mm max, 152mm min – Optional – 1854mm coil width
  • Part Length 3048mm max
  • Part Length Tolerances +/- 0.5mm
  • Processing Speed Up to 22.5m/min
  • Straightener Section Removes Coil Set
  • P C based Controls preset and monitor machine functions
  • Compressed Air None required
  • Beading Section standard pattern 305mm centres
  • Notching and Hole Punching V and corner notch combination dies for slip & drive, TDC, TDF, Snaplock and Pittsburgh


  • Centre and end hole punching for 8mm and 11mm dia. cross-tie installations
  • Cleat Roller, Roll Forms 180 degree hems for drive cleats and Snaplock Button Punch
  • Tie Rod Hole Punching, Male Button Lock and slitting
  • Pro-Ductomatic comes in two standard models known as short frame or long frame.  Frame type is determined by options the customer chooses.

Please watch the video to see the Coil Line in action

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