Insulated Duct End Cap Rollformer

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Insulated Duct End Cap Rollformer
  • Four station rollformer for making duct end caps
  • Dual sided machine
  • One side fixed tooling for 50mm tall caps
  • Other side adjustable for 25 OR 38mm tall caps
  • 25mm leg lengths 
  • Takes precut  strips
  • 15m per minute through put speed
  • Handles 0.6 TO 0.9mm thick material 
  • 3Kw, 415V, 3Ph,50Hz MOTOR
  • Approx. size 625mm Wide x 1500mm Lg. x 1100mm High
  • Approx. weignt 550Kg

Just feed in precut strips and finished caps come out the other end.  No wasted scrap metal, simply cut your scrap to the right width to manufacture either 25, 38, or 50mm end caps for insulated duct.

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