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Formtek Mansaver for Overhead Cranes for Jibbed Forklifts

Formtek Iowa Precision Industries Pro Fabriduct coil processing duct line complete to the following specifications:

4 x 1525mm x 5 tonne Decoilers featuring individual hydraulic drives with hydraulic hold down arms

  • Bottom pay off via auto grid feed to auto select station and infeed table to processor.
  • Pro Ductomatic processor unit to 1525 x 1.6mm material and features SMACNA beader.
  • Notching heads for drive cleat, TDC/TDF, Pittsburgh and Snaplock.
  • Hydraulic shear cut off and forming head for male Pittsburgh and Snaplock.
  • 3 metre transfer table to female Pittsburgh station.
  • Mark-XV rollforming station for Pittsburgh and Snaplock female seams.
  • 3 metre transfer conveyor and positioning to TDC/TDF forming station.
  • 14 station TDC/TDF Duplex rollformer for 35mm flange.
  • Feed table to wrap brake.
  • Wrap brake and 3 metre runout table.
  • CNC fully programmable touch screed from centrally located control console.
  • Line offered and U shape configuration and occupy floor space approximately 6.8m x 16m.  You to advise whether line to run right hand U or left hand U direction.
  • Power requirements:  125amp, 415v, 50Hz
  • Air requirements: 15cfm at 90psi.

Please watch the video to see the Coil Line in action

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